20 Inappropriate Student-Teacher Relationships on TV Shows

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There’s nothing like a creepily inappropriate student-teacher relationship storyline to take any TV show to the next level. Instances where the teacher actually reciprocates the advances of a student are fun to watch — one, because we’ve all had a crush on a teacher at some point in our lives, and two, it makes the idea of a romantic relationship with a teacher more realistic. However, one thing that we must remember is that 90% of these romantic student-teacher relationships would fall under the category of statutory rape. Although not every example on this list is an illegal relationship (some are in college), the majority take place in high school. Even for the ones that aren’t technically illegal, there’s obviously a power dynamic at play that makes these couplings pretty icky, to say the least. Here are 20 of the most inappropriate TV student-teacher relationships on TV ever.

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