25 Things We Already Know About Riverdale’s Spin-Off Katy Keene

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Riverdale‘s immense popularity has already produced one successful spin-off, and now another is in the works. This one also comes from an Archie Comics series called Katy Keene. It focuses on the character of Katy Keene, and would likely be set in New York City… if it gets picked up. Like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this show would tie-in to the larger universe of Riverdale though not necessarily have direct crossover episodes like in The CW‘s Arrowverse.

The connections between the two shows will vary in importance. Sometimes, they’ll be simple easter eggs or tidbits only die-hard fans can pick up on. Other times, though, they’ll be crucial to this new spin-off. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the new show, but there are some things we do. Here are 21 of the juiciest tidbits about Riverdale‘s newest spin-off show.

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