20 Law & Order: SVU Episodes That Were Ripped From The Headlines

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Even the most die-hard fans of Law & Order: SVU can admit that sometimes, it can be too disturbing to handle. Granted, the show is about the Special Victims Unit and the “heinous crimes” they fight, but sometimes the atrocities they deal with are a little too much for television. It can be pretty intense watching Olivia Benson and the squad fighting sex crimes, so sometimes it’s nice to remember it’s just a TV show… kind of. Unfortunately, many SVU episodes are “ripped from the headlines,” which means they’re inspired by real-life crimes. Yeah. A surprising amount of the horrific incidents on the show are either based directly off or inspired by actual cases. So, here are 20 of the most bone-chilling, real-life crimes ever depicted on Law & Order: SVU.

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