20 Law & Order: SVU Episodes That Were Ripped From The Headlines

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SVU repression true stories


In this episode based on a famous psychological phenomenon combined with the Cheryl Pierson case, the SVU gang deals with a highly complicated case. Essentially, a woman comes forward after revealing that she was sexually abused by her father, Evan, throughout her childhood. She recovers these memories under intense psychoanalysis by her therapist. While she is now grown, she fears for her minor sisters who still live with him. Things go from bad to worse when Evan is murdered, and it is revealed that the memories were false — brought on by drugs and the intense suggestions of her therapist. This actually happened in real life, when the epidemic of “recovered” trauma memories spread across the nation, only for it to be revealed that the majority of them were false. Additionally, the episode pulls from the Cheryl Pierson case, in which a high schooler shot Pierson’s father for $400 after she claimed he was abusing her.

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