20 Law & Order: SVU Episodes That Were Ripped From The Headlines

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15 - Jackie_Madden_Benson_Head


This Law & Order: SVU episode is another combo of real-life cases. It starts as a simple case of a peeping tom in a Central Park bathroom who is caught filming strangers. Things get complicated when the camera gets footage of a grown woman molesting a young boy. The perpetrator, Meredith Rice, suffers a seizure in custody, where it is revealed that a brain tumor is causing her unusual, predatory behavior. In real life, a still-unidentified man who suffered from a similar brain tumor began abusing his daughter every time the tumor would grow back. Additionally, the episode drew from the Mary Kay Letourneau case, in which a woman was caught committing second-degree child rape of her 12-year-old student. The two later married, and Letourneau gave birth to two of his children in custody. Yuck.

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