20 Law & Order: SVU Episodes That Were Ripped From The Headlines

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This episode of Law & Order: SVU was wild from start to finish. It starts with a news exposé of a famous celebrity chef named “Jolene Castille,” who’s known for her southern charm. Sound familiar? Yes, the beginning of the episode was clearly about the “Paula Deen is a huge racist” scandal. However, the episode took a bizarre and really upsetting when Castille sees an unarmed, black teen in a hoodie. There’s talk in the neighborhood of a serial rapist, and Castille incorrectly assumes this boy is the rapist, and shoots him, which is supposed to mirror the killing of Trayvon Martin. The rest of the episode is basically: did she genuinely believe she was in danger or is she just a big ol’ racist? (Hint: it’s the latter one.)

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