20 Law & Order: SVU Episodes That Were Ripped From The Headlines

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“I’m Going to Make You a Star,” Season 21, Episode 1

SVU Harvey Weinsten Episode


This SVU episode name-drops Harvey Weinstein in the beginning, probably just to make it seem like their character Sir Tobias Moore wasn’t 100% based on the disgraced movie mogul. During this episode, an aspiring actress comes forward after a big-time movie executive sexually assaults her during a “casting couch”-type situation. After Olivia Benson and the team do some digging, it turns out there are many, many more women who have been assaulted by Sir Tobias Moore and he’s promised career opportunities in return for sexual favors.

Name-dropping terms like, “This is a #MeToo witch hunt,” and portraying an inspiring protest at the end where many women come forward about their experiences with sexual assault, the season 21 premiere was a very of-the-moment episode that proves that Time’s Up in Hollywood and SVU‘s version of New York.

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