18 of the Most Long-Awaited Kisses in TV History

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Some of our favorite TV ‘ships have loved to keep us waiting. The palpable chemistry that we can sense from the get-go can take multiple seasons to have any kind of pay off and at times, it can be excruciating. There are so many TV couples that keep us wanting more, always coming close but never quite getting there. These will-they-or-won’t-they couples on TV can be rage-inducing and cute AF, all at the same time. But we’re so over just screaming at the TV waiting for them to lock lips. Finally, we get these long-awaited TV kisses that we’ve been so desperately waiting for!

Not every long-awaited kiss has been ideal. Some are awkward, and some are demure and adorable. But they all had one big thing in common: they were highly anticipated. From the long nights spent GIF-ing moments between TV couples and writing a fanfic about their first kiss, fans are always pumped to see their fave couple finally get ~romantic~. These couples sure made us wait a while, but the wait was totally worth it!

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