18 of the Most Long-Awaited Kisses in TV History

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Desmond and Penny, Lost

Lost was never about the love stories, but this one always managed to tug at our heartstrings. Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) has been trapped on the Island for years, unable to communicate with his true love Penny (Sonya Walger) or even let her know he’s okay. We get glimpses into their past relationship and one of the teariest moments on the show is when Desmond finally gets to call her on the phone during season three. But nothing could prepare our tear ducts for their actual, physical reunion on the season four finale. When some of the Island survivors are finally rescued, it’s Penny’s boat that picks them up, bringing these two lovers face-to-face again. And lip-to-lip! Watching the passion in this smooch feels like the ultimate pay off for all that misery Des experienced on the island.

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