18 of the Most Long-Awaited Kisses in TV History

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Jonah and Amy, Superstore

Finally! Jonah (Ben Feldman) falls for Amy (America Ferrera) at first sight when he’s hired at Cloud 9. One big snafu: she’s married. Oops. A bit unhappily, but married nonetheless. The two flirt with each other for two seasons (total work-wife and work-husband situation!) until they’re forced to confront their feelings at the hedging of a natural disaster! A tornado slams Cloud 9, leaving them all hiding and trying to survive. You know what that means. When they begin to think “what if we don’t make it?”, these two finally lock lips, putting into action the feelings they’ve been hiding for years. While it would be a lot longer until they acted further on their feelings, this made the wait slightly easier!

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