18 of the Most Long-Awaited Kisses in TV History

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Niles and Daphne, Frasier

No one has ever pined for a woman longer than Niles (David Hyde Pierce) pined for Daphne (Jane Leeves) on Frasier. When the show begins, Niles is married and still can’t seem to help himself from falling for his brother’s English live-in housekeeper. His love for her only intensifies as he gets divorced and interacts with his crush almost every single day. Fans could tell that these two would be totally adorable together but we had to wait seven seasons for some payoff! *Sigh* This is one of those long-awaited TV kisses that really made fans wait for it. But it was totally worth the long build-up — after they finally got together, they lived happily ever after.

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