The 15 Most Addictive Makeover TV Shows Ever

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Makeover TV Shows What Not To Wear Bringing Sexy Back


What’s your favorite niche television show category? Forget about the obvious broad categories like mystery television shows and dramas. We’re talking more-specific-but-still-super-intriguing things like loop TV shows and “comfort food” TV. If you’re thinking makeover shows, you’ve chosen a popular category. There are lots of addictive makeover TV shows to binge-watch.

The makeover television show category is actually pretty broad between home makeovers, lifestyle makeovers, and style makeovers. We’re focusing mostly on the last one. Some might think that hair and makeover television shows wouldn’t have much variety, but they really do. Some of the shows focus on specific kinds of makeovers while others focus on the inside transformation as much as the outside. We admit that some have questionable ideas and decisions. Yet, fans have found themselves engrossed with the entire show as much as the *big* reveal at the end. Here are 15 makeover TV shows that will surprise you every time.

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