16 Easter Eggs You Probably Didn’t Notice In The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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Midge and Sophie Lennon Are The Two Halves Of Joan Rivers

Marvelous Mrs Maisel easter eggs sophie lennon

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The New Yorker originally made this connection that Midge and her rival, Sophie Lennon, are essentially two halves of the same Joan Rivers. Rachel Brosnahan has been open about watching Joan’s sets to inspire her portrayal of Midge; both Midge and Joan were close with Lenny Bruce, they both dress for shows like they’re dressing for a date, and their humor is based on free-associating about women’s lives. Unlike Midge, Joan’s comedy came from truly believing she was ugly and didn’t belong anywhere, the antithesis of Midge’s whole identity. Enter Sophie Lennon: a comic whose entire set centers around her invented ugliness and otherness, and who, like Joan, really just wanted to be a dramatic actress.

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