21 of the Most Devastating TV Breakups

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We don’t know about you guys, but we’ve seen enough stolen glances, cheesy smiles, and flirty exchanges to know undeniable chemistry when we see it. It’s why we ship our favorite TV couples so passionately and why our hearts explode when they actually get their happily ever after. But one of the downsides of being so deeply invested in these couples is seeing them go through their rough patches. It’s beyond nerve-wracking when the relationship becomes strained, whether it’s by someone’s hurtful actions or by circumstances beyond their control. But when that couple eventually gives up and decides to call it quits, it sometimes feels like the end of the TV show as we know it.

We’ve all experienced this at some point, and honestly, it’s almost as devastating as going through a break up in our own lives. (Not to be dramatic…) But on a brighter note, we do take comfort in the fact that some of these couples ended up together in the end… Then again, some of them did not…

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