18 of the Most Infinitely Rewatchable TV Shows Ever Made

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There are so many great new TV shows airing every single year. So, naturally, it makes sense that we’d watch the same five shows over and over again! Can we help it that there are some insanely rewatchable TV shows out there?! When you’re scrolling through Netflix and can’t pick what you want to watch, Friends is always just staring you in the face, begging you to watch your favorite ep. There are some TV shows that never get old. There are some comedies that will still be funny the 100th time around. Just as there are still TV dramas that we dissect something new from each watch through!

The criteria for the most watchable TV shows is pretty easy: shows that never cease to entertain us. Some shows we watch once and then realize there is no entertainment value in watching them again. Most of the shows we can watch again and again are among the most revered of all time. The shows that go down in the history books as “bests” are the ones that find themselves with fans that just can’t quit them no matter how long they’ve been off the air! Here are the most rewatchable TV shows (and, honestly, some of the very best TV shows) of all time!

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