18 of the Most Infinitely Rewatchable TV Shows Ever Made

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On the surface, this may seem like another boring procedural, but fans of Psych know it’s so much more than that. Shawn (James Roday) is a faux-psychic (he’s really just super perceptive) and uses his “skills” to help solve cases for the Santa Barbara Police Department. Each episode introduces a new case, but it’s so much more than a “case of the week” show. With inside jokes, fast-paced tidbits (you have to rewatch to catch every nickname Shawn gives his partner!), and reoccurring villains, the show is infinitely rewatchable. You pick up on new under-the-radar jokes each time you watch! With eight seasons there are so many cases, jokes, and pineapples to catch, it’s almost impossible to do it in one watch through.

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