31 Highly-Anticipated New TV Shows Coming In 2020

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31 of the Most Highly Anticipated New TV Shows Coming in 2020

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With the new year comes new goals, new perspectives on life, and of course, new binge-worthy television. While you may be perfectly content with rewatching your favorites like New Girl and Futurama for the millionth time on Hulu, there’s no denying that it’s always exciting to watch something for the very first time. Maybe you’ll even discover new favorites that you’ll want to binge over and over. Don’t you ever wish you could experience Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad for the first time again? Unfortunately, that’s impossible, but chances are you can have that same feeling watching a brand new series.

Every year there seems to be more streaming services producing new content, in addition to cable networks competing with each other and fighting to stay relevant, so we’re inundated with options. There’s an influx of new comedies, dramas, superhero stories, horror, cartoons, and true crime shows to choose from this year. But why limit yourself? Here are 31 of the most highly-anticipated new TV shows coming in 2020.

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