15 OG All That Characters The Reboot Could Never Top

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Saturday Night Live has been an institution on TV for over 40 years. For a shorter window of time, All That provided a more kid-friendly version of the show. All That featured a cast of young stars who acted in weekly sketches. Occasionally, it featured A-list celebrities as well. Over the course of its run, it featured a number of incredibly talented performers who would go on to have successful careers.

Throughout its run, the show created a number of iconic characters. Some were totally essential to the show’s success, while others were more peripheral, but still quite hilarious. The humor on All That wasn’t always hugely sophisticated. Still, the show could make you laugh as well as any show on the air and now it’s getting itself a reboot for the kids of today. Here are 15 iconic All That characters we’ll miss on the new version.

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