15 Times One Tree Hill Was Lightyears Ahead of Its Time

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If you ever want to feel old, just sit back and think about how One Tree Hill aired for the first time more than 16 YEARS AGO. We know — where the heck did time go?! But even though the iconic WB/CW television series first came into our lives when many current high schoolers weren’t even born, it still remains one of the greatest small-screen creations of all time. Why, you may ask? Because OTH was realistic, relatable, and, most importantly, WAY ahead of its time.

Think about it — if One Tree Hill didn’t make such a cultural impact on young people in the early-to-late 2000s, there’s no way it would’ve lasted the nine seasons it did. Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz were able to create characters that resonated so deeply with viewers that it was almost like they really grew up with us. OTH tackled classic high school topics like romance and drama, but also took things a step further and touched on subjects like LGBTQ+ discrimination, mental illness, school violence, and so much more.

Keep reading for 15 examples of how OTH was progressive AF and addressed issues that are still relevant today!

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