15 Reasons The OG Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV Series Is Still The Best

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We wished we could have Sabrina’s magic.

Sabrina Glitter Magic Spell


We already talked about how much we loved the glitter magic, but, honestly, we would take any form of Sabrina’s magic if given an option. Even if we could just cast one spell, we’d be very, very happy. Of course, if we were given the choice, we would love the freedom to be able to cast all of the spells that Sabrina could. We would love to turn oranges into pineapples and change our outfits without getting dressed and undressed. And we’d maybe use some of our supernatural powers to get back at a school bully. We’d also be down to practice potion-making and witches brews any time Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda would give us the opportunity.

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