20 Little Mistakes You Probably Missed On Parks and Recreation

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Parks and Recreation has taught us so many valuable life lessons, from the importance of eating breakfast multiple times a day to the proper way to celebrate our BFF (or rather, our “beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox”). The comedy series had a solid six-year run, but even now, it still feels like the show ended way too soon. We miss Leslie and Ann’s bonding moments, Ron’s iconic one-liners, and those occasional reminders to “Treat Yo’ Self.” Plus, Andy’s childlike enthusiasm just never gets old, so can you really blame us for watching countless re-runs?

It’s safe to say that no matter how many times we watch the series, it will always be a glorious, fun-filled experience. But when you watch any series multiple times, you’re bound to notice some plot holes and inconsistencies. Parks and Rec has definitely slipped up on a few minor things that went right over our heads. But to be fair, we were way too busy focusing on all the brilliant characters and engaging storylines to focus on this stuff. See which mistakes you might’ve missed.

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