20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“He only has an idea of validation from making other people feel good, and I really want to teach him that he can get validation from helping himself to feel better.”

Queer Eye, Season Three - Joey


The Fab Five spend a lot of time talking about doing things for yourself, taking time to appreciate yourself and love yourself and the season three episode, “Lost Boy,” takes it just a step further. During this episode, they meet Joey, the director of a camp, who needs a little help focusing on himself and his son and how to make a more efficient and better life for them as a family on the campgrounds. Joey finds satisfaction in helping others, but Jonathan is here to remind the episode’s hero that you can also find those same feelings of accomplishment while helping yourself, even if it’s through seemingly small actions like grooming and cleaning. It’s great to remember that serving yourself is still an act of service, and it’s still an achievement!

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