20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“When you see good taste around you, it helps you evolve your own taste as well.”


Season two hero, Sean, knows a thing or two about bedazzled jackets, but when the Fab Five meet this piano-playing young man in the episode, “Bedazzled,” they quickly learn that after being home-schooled for some time, he has a lot to learn. Bobby hopes to help him develop a more adult-appropriate style in terms of decor, fashion, and more by giving him the college home of his dreams. We think this lesson could be applied to all sorts of things for people of all ages. The more you put yourself in better situations and nicer places and the kinder you are to your own home, your own belonging,s and yourself, the more you will develop your sense of what you value. We know that not everyone can afford the things or clothes they want, but it’s still important to treat the things you own with care. Sometimes putting thought into your space helps reorganize your whole brain and outlook.

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