20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“Just because you only want to spend five minutes on glam does not mean you cannot be a diva.”

Queer Eye, Season Two - Tammye


From the minute we met her on the season two episode, “God Bless Gay,” we loved Mama Tammye and we loved her big heart. Mama is working on trying to make a local community center the best it can be for the residents of Gay, Georgia. As a teacher, a mother, an involved church member and more, she doesn’t really have time to glam, and Jonathan reminds her that there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone needs or wants an hour in the bathroom, a full face of makeup, or a dazzling ball gown, but that doesn’t mean those people aren’t fierce, gorgeous divas. We love that JVN consistently lets us know that it’s not the glam that makes someone a diva, it’s the attitude. This is a great Queer Eye lesson for those of us who are rolling into work with the same hair from two days ago or who are not dishing out to buy eyelash extensions are happy to remember this idea.

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