20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“That’s the thing about when people build up walls. They end up keeping other people out, but they’re also keeping themselves in.”


Karamo really knows how to connect to people, and even though we’re watching him from the couch, we feel connected, too. On season one, the hero of episode two, Neal, is working on an app launch on the outside and a lot of personal issues on the inside. He knows he’s got his guard up both mentally and physically (check out those crossed arms), but with Karamo’s help, he’s able to start opening himself up. We love this nice reminder that pushing away others doesn’t just hurt them, it also hurts ourselves. The walls don’t have to be demolished immediately, and it’s okay to pick the pace that you let them down at, but it’s important to acknowledge that building those walls isn’t just about the people on the other side. A good Queer Eye lesson for all of us to remember! 

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