20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“You’re supposed to explore. You’re supposed to try different things. You’re supposed to get excited.”

Queer Eye, Season Two - Jason


We know this quote from Antoni is definitely about food, but we think it can apply to most areas of life. During the season two episode, “The Handyman Can,” the Fab Five meet Burning Man enthusiast, Jason, and work on preparing him for a big move to Reno. He’s creative and spirited, so finding foods to make is a treat for the duo and leads us to this awesome quote. It’s a nice reminder and lesson that both in food and in all areas of life you should be taking healthy risks, always learning and doing things that bring a little bit of flavor and fun. Life isn’t always easy or perfect (and neither is our cooking, let’s be honest), but that doesn’t mean the excitement, the happiness, and the thrill need to disappear!  

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