20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“Sometimes just one small project can help right the ship.”

Queer Eye, Season Four - Brandonn


Bobby kills it with design, and even though it seems like sometimes he’s spending the entirety of the episodes doing all the manual labor, he’s got some wonderful words of wisdom to share as well. On season four’s episode, “Soldier Returns Home,” Bobby and hero, Brandonn, work on building an island for the family’s kitchen. This small step is a big way for the veteran to show his family that he cares about them, that he’s invested in their lives together, and that he’s willing to work at it to make it better for them all. Bobby always helps us recognize that even baby steps can put us back on course and heading where we want to go. Sometimes those baby steps are throw pillows and sometimes they’re small life adjustments, but they both work.

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