20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“Show it off. That’s the body you’ve got!”

Queer Eye, Season Three - Mary and Deborah


Tan is a style genius, but he also knows a thing or two about confidence and self-esteem. On season three’s “Jones Bar-B-Q,” the fashionista is dressing sisters Mary and Deborah, both of whom are happily surprised at the outcome after being incredibly hesitant to try on long leather skirts and colorful cardigans. We love that Tan understands his heroes’ insecurities and helps them both work with them and against them. He’s willing to offer tips and tricks that will help them dress to their comfort level both physically and mentally, but he also consistently reminds them that who they are and what they look like is beautiful the way it is. We appreciate this Queer Eye lesson and Tan’s understanding of fashion and feelings, and we’re glad he’s always reminding us to rock what we’ve got!

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