20 Queer Eye Lessons We’re Thankful For

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“There’s nothing wrong with saying what you need.”

Queer Eye, Season Four - Deanna


Jonathan Van Ness always knows what to say. On the season four episode, “A Tale of Two Cultures,” JVN and hero, Deanna, talk about life over a new hairdo. Deanna discusses her Mexican-American upbringing and how her father taught her never to ask for more than she needs, to never bring more attention to herself than necessary and how failure to do so causes problems. JVN relates his own life in the LGBTQ+ community to hers and reminds her — and us all — that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or anything else, it’s okay to ask for what you need and it’s okay to need to ask to begin with. The arbitrary targets on your back are not your fault, they’re the faults of those who place them there.

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