What These Riverdale Actors *Actually* Looked Like When They Were Their Characters’ Ages

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Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge)

Riverdale Actors As Teens

The CW

Marisol Nichols’s episode of MTV’s When I Was Seventeen would’ve been a doozy. Marisol credits growing up in the suburbs of Chicago (rather than its tough downtown) as the only reason she wasn’t sent to juvie in her teens during an intimate essay for Chicagoly Mag. She recounts skipping class, abusing substances, and destroying school property all before she even hit her late teens. Marisol realized that wasn’t the life she wanted to be living right before she turned eighteen, went to community college, and found her talent in acting. The rest is history, but we wish Cami would have sported these killer bangs in “The Midnight Club” in homage to Marisol’s look from her early 20s.

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