What These Riverdale Actors *Actually* Looked Like When They Were Their Characters’ Ages

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Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones)

Riverdale Actors As Teens

Disney Channel

Do we even really have to include this one? Everyone under the age of thirty knows what Cole and Dylan Sprouse were up to in their teen years. We watched the Cole grow from a literal child on Friends into high school graduates in The Suite Life Movie. Cole was seventeen during Suite Life on Deck’s second season, and KJ was right — he could crush high school Cole like a bug. Cole’s *true* awkward phase ended up happening during his time at NYU, where there were unfortunate experiments with a ponytail, Tumblr, and what he later described to Seventeen as “a pubey mustache.” At least he realized he was going through a cringe phase and turned into the artsy photographer we know and obsess over.

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