19 Fan Theories Just Crazy Enough for Riverdale

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riverdale fan theories

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The town with pep went from being a sleepy oasis of Americana to a drug den with multiple serial killers, a cult, and a strange amount of teenaged felons. Riverdale just keeps getting stranger, and fans’ predictions for the show have followed suit. Are all of the Farmies mandrakes? Is Pop Tate the evil mastermind behind it all? Is FP Jones actually Veronica’s real father? TBH, maybe. Before you assume none of these ridiculous predictions could ever come true, one of the theories originally slated to appear on this list about Edgar Evernever’s daughter really being his wife had to be taken off because it *actually happened* a few weeks ago. Anything is possible on Riverdale because the writers are clearly all on jingle jangle, which is why we love them.

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