QUIZ: Are These Quotes From Jughead Jones or Emo Songs?

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Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III is one of — if not the only — redeeming characters in the messy world that is RiverdaleAmongst serial killers, cults, family murder mysteries, drug rings and more, it’s not surprising that the lovable and mostly sensible Jughead Jones should be, well, a little emo. We would be emo too if our mom came back to town just to turn our childhood home into a fizzle rocks kitchen. Sometimes it’s hard to tell an episode-opening monologue from one of the many pop-punk anthems we used to put as our away messages on AIM in middle school, but that’s okay with us. So how many can you guess? Can you tell the difference between one of Jug’s many chapter musings and one of Patrick Stump’s verses? Take our quiz to find out.

PS: After you take the quiz, you can watch the Riverdale cast do the same thing!
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