All 15 of the Riverdale Parents Ranked by Hotness

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Riverdale may be a teen show, but it’s definitely not just about the teens! The Riverdale parents often find themselves in on the drama and mysteries that haunt the small town. Sometimes they’re the source of all the craziness that befalls these poor teens! But there is one more thing that the parents and teens of Riverdale have in common: hotness. Yep, some of the Riverdale parents are even hotter than their kids! Considering many of them are played by former teen heartthrobs, it totally makes sense that they would be smoking hot MILFs and DILFs!

Not every parent on the show is a certified hottie, but there are more than a few that we would take over their kids any day! A little salt ‘n pepper hair can be amazing, Y’all. Sorry, not sorry. There has been plenty of debate about the hottest teenagers on the show but today we’re ranking hottest parents! Here are all of the Riverdale parents ranked by hotness!

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