Here Are The Saddest Game of Thrones Deaths, Ranked

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Saddest Game of Thrones Deaths


The final season of Game of Thrones left a lot of fans arguing about a lot of plot points, but there’s one thing for sure that we can all agree on. No other show on television has ever come close to Game of Thrones in regards to killing off named characters. By the end of the series, well over 200 characters had died in a myriad of ways: fire, poison, suicide, beheading, stabbing, or crushed by a giant. Many died in battle, but even more were victims of personal attacks. Some we were happy to see go (Bye, Joffrey. See ya never), but some were absolutely crushing. Thank you George RR Martin and HBO for introducing us to so many characters just to make us fall in love with them and then have them ripped away from us. That’s cruel and unusual. But I guess maybe that’s our own fault for watching it. We learned that lesson pretty early on.

Obligatory spoiler warning. It goes without saying that if you haven’t finished the series, you should stop reading here unless you just really want to know who dies. But you have no excuse for not being caught up at this point. Here’s our definitive ranking of the saddest deaths on Game of Thrones over the past eight seasons.

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