Here Are The Saddest Game of Thrones Deaths, Ranked

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Jorah Mormont (S8E3)



Jorah Mormont has been through a lot. He was first exiled from his family and land in the North. Then he falls in love with a woman (Daenerys Targaryen) who will never love him back in the same way. Then he’s released from her service and shipped away when she learns that he’s secretly been spying on her — of course, this was before he realized he loved her. He then contracts greyscale, a disease that has only been known to leave one previous survivor. And after being miraculously saved from the greyscale, he finds himself in a war against the undead. He dies doing what he felt most called to do: protecting the woman he loves. Daenerys seemed to use him as a shield against the wights while in battle, and he dies in her arms.

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