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20 Same-Sex TV Couples That Paved The Way For Choni On Riverdale

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Same-Sex TV Couples

The CW

When Cheryl Blossom’s romance with Toni Topaz started during Riverdale‘s second season, we had no idea how popular this unlikely pairing would become. Arguably the healthiest relationship on teen TV, fans saw these supportive, confident girls fall in love while Cheryl learned to accept her sexuality through season two, but it still took until halfway through the third season for Choni to be shown having sex.

If Riverdale was one of those shows from the ’90s where every sex scene had to be prefaced with a “Very Special Episode” warning, waiting a year for its most popular couple to get caught in flagrante would make more sense, but in classic CW fashion, most of Riverdale‘s characters do the deed whenever and wherever they want. Seriously, there was a whole scene where Archie and Veronica have shower sex to process Archie’s dad getting shot because that’s what the people want to see! *and* they stopped for a quickie after Veronica literally breaks into prison to confirm that her convict boyfriend is in a fight club. Meanwhile, the one solid lesbian relationship is rarely allowed to get hot and heavy. These 20 same-sex bisexual and lesbian TV couples paved the way for Choni to even get this far (arriving at what is, probably, the most explicit lesbian sex scene on network television), but we’ve still got a lot of work to do until our LGBTQ+ characters are treated with the same blas√© sexuality as all these boring straights.

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