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20 Same-Sex TV Couples That Paved The Way For Choni On Riverdale

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Ellen & Laurie (Ellen)

Same-Sex TV Couples


Ellen DeGeneres‘s sitcom was one of the biggest defining moments for queer television. The watershed “Puppy Episode” where Ellen’s character came out of the closet, almost concurrently with the actress coming out on Time Magazine IRL, won an Emmy and drove viewership to more than forty million viewers (although it did, later, experience a ratings drop following the episode), but it was Ellen‘s fifth season where she was able to really explore her sexuality on the show where major strides were made. Ellen’s on-screen relationship with Laurie led to an episode where Ellen loses her virginity (again) with her new girlfriend, which was treated with a healthy, tender lens that we rarely see in depictions of LGBTQ relationships even today.

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