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20 Same-Sex TV Couples That Paved The Way For Choni On Riverdale

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Amy & Karma (Faking It)

Same-Sex TV Couples


Faking It was a show about two best friends pretending to be lesbians in order to be popular at school, which is in equal part a utopian future we have yet to see and a telling indicator that, at least in the media’s eyes, attitudes surrounding same-sex couples were changing. Showrunner Carter Covington has made no secret of his original plans for the show’s ending prior to its surprise cancellation, explaining that he always intended for BFFs Karma and Amy to get together at some point, with Karma realizing that her sexuality is also fluid, before ending their relationship to save their best friendship, which would really last forever. The great part about Karma and Amy’s pseudo-ship is how the series provided a comprehensive view on sexuality, discovery, and how it’s more important to be who you truly are than the label that’s been provided for you.

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