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20 Same-Sex TV Couples That Paved The Way For Choni On Riverdale

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Kerry & Sandy (ER)

Same-Sex TV Couples


Forget baby boomers, millennials, and Gen-Z. The real generational lines are defined by which long-running medical series you were hooked on in your late teens: Grey’s Anatomy or ER. As far as Sapphic love stories go, Grey’s Anatomy did it better, but ER did it earlier, so there’s a bit of a learning curve to take into account. Closeted Kerry was given a romantic interest in Sandy, who forcibly outed Kerry (Strike One) during sweeps (Strike Two). Sandy was then barely seen the following season despite still having a progressing relationship with Kerry, then died for no good reason while Kerry and Sandy were the only lesbian relationship on primtime TV (Strike Three). Before it all went downhill, though, this was the first lesbian relationship that ER treated like its straight couples, allowing them to be affectionate and kiss on screen.

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