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20 Same-Sex TV Couples That Paved The Way For Choni On Riverdale

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Kimberley & Lisa (Picket Fences)

picket fences TV Couples


Technically, the first televised lesbian kiss was on an episode of L.A. Law in 1991, but even that W was a bit of an L. Basically, a bisexual lawyer kissed her heterosexual colleague, and then they both agreed to never talk about it again. Conservatives Concerned parents Homophobes were up in arms, and the network admitted it was all a ratings stunt during sweeps. Two years later, Picket Fences gave us TV’s second lesbian kiss, this time between two teenage girls. Again, one of the girls ended up being straight and it was a clear ratings ploy, but this time on a show that actually tried to gently talk about homophobia.

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