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20 Same-Sex TV Couples That Paved The Way For Choni On Riverdale

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Santana & Brittany (Glee)

Same-Sex TV Couples


Brittana is the OG Choni. Best friends and bad b*tches Brittany and Santana always had an implied sexual relationship, but instead of just going the easy queer baiting route, Glee decided to say “Bet” and made this bisexual couple one of the series’ most important pairings. After going through the normal high school issues of dating after graduation and attempting long-distance dating, Brittany and Santana reconcile and get married alongside the show’s *other* fan-favorite couple, Kurt and Blaine. It wasn’t always easy going for the couple, and like Cheryl, Santana’s family didn’t always support her, but love won.

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