18 Most Shocking TV Plot Twists EVER

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What would television be without plot twists? We wouldn’t have Shondaland, a franchise built entirely around twist and turns that no one sees coming. There would be no American Horror Story. There would be no Riverdale. The most buzzed-about shows engage people by weaving intricate webs that only the showrunners can unravel, giving the viewers the satisfaction of discovering new pieces of the puzzle along with the characters.

A good surprise on a television show is revelatory. In a day and age when spoilers aren’t just easy to find but are actively hard to avoid and rabid fans dissect every piece of a show on Reddit to figure out what happens next, when a show can create shocking TV plot twists that stay hidden and make complete sense upon the reveal, it’s a victory of epic proportions. Some of us actively seek out spoilers, whether it’s out of curiosity or nerves, and when even these impatient viewers can feel the joy of having a show completely turn the tables, it takes a plot twist from good to truly great. We’ve found 18 of the best, most shocking TV plot twists ever… if you want to relive some of television’s most entertaining stories, read at your own risk!

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