18 Most Shocking TV Plot Twists EVER

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The Tommy Westphall Universe on St. Elsewhere

shocking tv plot twists st elsewhere


The whole “everything was a dream!” trope and its friends (“It was all a hallucination!” “The island is purgatory!”) is severely overdone, but the sheer scope of St. Elsewhere‘s finale reveal is what gives it a ton of wow-factor. St. Elsewhere was a medical drama that ran for six seasons in the 1980s. In the last scene of the series, it is revealed that the hospital is just a snowglobe being held by construction worker Donald Westphall‘s autistic son. The events of the show were all a figment of his imagination as he played with the snowglobe, meaning that the television shows that crossed over with St. Elsewhere also existed in the universe he created in his mind. Shockingly, this snowballs into 419 television shows that would exist in the snowglobe because these shows crossed over with each other, bringing everything from Murder House to Fresh Prince under the Westphall Universe umbrella.

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