18 Most Shocking TV Plot Twists EVER

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Killer BOB on Twin Peaks

shocking tv plot twists twin peaks


Twin Peaks is one of the creepiest television series of all time, and we still have nightmares about its core antagonist Killer BOB. An inter-entity from the Black Lodge, an extra-dimensional place of pure evil accessible through the forest that surrounds the town, BOB is a serial killer who became a demon, and the killer of Laura Palmer. It is revealed that BOB has been possessing Leland Palmer since he was a child and led him to abuse and murder his own daughter, Laura, and his niece. BOB also kills Leland, forcing him to sustain fatal injuries during a questioning. We were shocked when Leland’s true identity was revealed, and BOB shocked us again during the series final episode when he takes Agent Dale Cooper‘s identity. We had to wait twenty-five years for that cliffhanger to be resolved.

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