18 Most Shocking TV Plot Twists EVER

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Michael’s “Death” and Return on Jane the Virgin


The CW

Michael Coredero, Jr. is the best man on television. Kind, patient, and totally adorable, viewers assumed that Michael and Jane Villanueva were endgame after they finally got together and worked through the whole “Jane was artificially inseminated and the father is crazy rich and hot” issue. Then, out of literally nowhere, Michael has an aortic dissection from a gunshot wound we thought he had totally recovered from and dies right after taking the LSAT. Hearts were broken, dreams were crushed, and showrunners admitted that they’d actually kept the character around for way longer than they’d intended to because they were in love with him, too. Then, when we thought we couldn’t be more shocked than when he died, at the end of season four, in true telenovela fashion, Michael just shows up alive on Jane’s doorstep. WHAT?!

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