17 Short Series You Can Binge Over Winter Break

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Let’s face it — life is crazy. Between work, trying to maintain a social life, family obligations, and all the other stuff that comes along, our days are packed. This leaves very little time for America’s greatest past time: TV watching. But when winter break comes around, we finally get a few days to ourselves! Whether it be a break from school or work, most people get a mini-vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What better time to binge-watch some TV series!?

The only problem is you probably still won’t have time for a 10-season show with 150 episodes. So you can kiss your epic The Simpsons binge-watching plans goodbye! But there are several short series that are perfect for a nice weekend binge when you have a few days to spare. If you’ve wanted to catch up on the hottest miniseries and brand new shows as well as TV classics that you just haven’t gotten around to, this is the time! Here are the best short series to catch up with during winter break!

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