25 Shows Canceled Because An Actor Quit The Show

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The CW

Some shows leave us too soon, others overstay their welcome. In the golden age of reboots, nothing stays dead for too long, regardless of why a show went off the air in the first place. While the reasons behind the endings of beloved shows are usually ratings-centric, occasionally, a long-lasting series will only call it a day once its star gives it no choice.

Though series like Scrubs or The Office clung to life after a main character’s departure and others including NYPD Blue and Criminal Minds thrived, some showrunners decided that a series regular’s departure is a good excuse to end a series that could reasonably go on forever. If this sounds like Grey’s Anatomy‘s future fate to you, you’re probably right. Until Ellen Pompeo fulfills that prophecy, these are the 25 long-running television series that ended because an actor quit the show.

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