16 Shows For The Game of Thrones-Sized Hole In Your Heart

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Now that our Game of Thrones watch has ended, the show’s numerous fans are looking for something to fill the void. For many people, Game of Thrones was more than just a show. It was an all-consuming story that involved Reddit boards and podcasts in addition to an hour every Sunday night. Now that the show is over, something else has to come along to replace it. It’s time to find a Game of Thrones replacement.

People came to Game of Thrones for tons of different reasons. Some liked the politics or the characters. Others were drawn to the world, or the intense battles that were so often fought on the show. Whatever your reasons for watching the show were, there are plenty of different shows that may be best to help you cope now that it’s gone. Here are just a few potential Game of Thrones replacement shows.

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