18 Shows to Binge After You’ve Finished Sex Education on Netflix

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Sex Education


There can never be enough TV about teenagers feeling things. It’s a well-known fact. That’s why Sex Education on Netflix was a welcome addition to the genre. The show, which follows a young man who opens a sex clinic to help his peers with their problems, is a delightful combination of normal high school anxieties and unique discussions about sex in high school. It’s a one of a kind show.

Even so, there are many shows which paved the way for Sex Education. Those shows may have a similar style of humor, a similar setting, or similar ideas on their mind. All of these shows are worth a binge independent of this show, but they’re especially helpful if you’re looking for more Sex Education. Each one of these shows has something in common with the new Netflix title, and some were almost certainly influences for the show’s creators. Here are 19 shows to binge after you’ve finished Sex Education on Netflix.

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